Ross Singer
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"I have ben studying with ETeacher for 4 years and have ben very pleased with the results"
"This course and the course on Exploring the Biblical Land of Israel have been my favorite courses (in the cultural departments.) Maybe it's because Ross Singer is teaching them both (he is engaging, has a broad scope of expertise - not only does he get off the page, pulling things together from disparate places, but reveals the impact the Hebrew language has on the meaning of the text, and while he challenges our thinking he is both kind and respectful in the way he does it. He's a joy.) He brings the classes to what I think has to be their highest intention."
"Discovering the Hebrew Bible is not a language course. it is a look at aspects of the Pentateuch/Torah in the original Hebrew. The first three lessons have been Genesis 1-3, Creation to the Fall, The differing meanings of words add so much depth to a Bible study and deepen understanding of God's message and purpose for humanity."

Ross Singer

Profesor de Arameo y Maestro del curso "Descubriendo la Biblia Hebrea" y "Descubriendo la Tierra Bíblica de Israel”