Julia Blum
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Julia Blum
"Up to now I have had excellent teachers. My classmates have been very supportive and the atmosphere has been very good. Not always easy but with the right commitment everybody can do it. Good lecture notes and slides and the quality of the software that is used is good."
"Shalom! I really love your courses - the topics are extremely interesting and the teachers truly dedicated. I'm enjoying 'Discover the Hebrew Bible' with Julia Blum, she is very good at getting us to think about situations and consider alternative views - compare what is in scripture and what we have always believed to be there but maybe is not. All the Hebrew Course B with Francois de Villiers is very exciting. I am learning a lot and it truly meets the expectations I had. For me these courses are especially valuable since I am working in the mission field (in South Africa) and it is a great privilege to have Jewish brothers and sisters explaining their culture and history to us - and pass on and teach us what HaShem has taught them. Maybe some tips on the study material (I am a teachers, who also studied some IT and computer technologies). It would be nice if the slides would really summarize the main points in a structured overview. Sometimes there are long texts which are difficult to 'dissect'. It might sometimes be a distraction if there is a lot of text on a new slide while the teacher is still explaining - one is trying to read and listen at the same time. Personally I think there shouldn't be too much information on the slides, they should just be points that remind you of what has been discussed in class. For the Hebrew Course, sometimes there are activities but there are no instructions or any explanation what it is about and then it is difficult to figure out what's happening. But all in all I think you are doing a great job - I also greatly value your support team. Always patient and friendly. Thanks a lot... looking forward to more courses with eTeachers. **option of how likely it is that I will recommend your course? I have done it already :) I also visit an elderly lady quite often and share with her what I have learnt in your class. I think she also enjoys it a lot."
"I like Ross's way of teaching, incorporating class member questions and opinions during class. Also we do not have anyone who wants to go on and on, as I did in the last class I took. "

Julia Blum

Professeure (Découverte de la Bible hébraïque/Contexte juif du Nouveau Testament)

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« Car l’Éternel donne la sagesse, et de sa bouche vient la connaissance et l’intelligence. »

Julia Blum est professeure et écrivaine. Elle enseigne deux cours bibliques à l’Institut d’études bibliques d’Israël, « Découverte de la Bible hébraïque » et « Contexte juif du Nouveau testament », et a poursuivi des recherches en hébreu pour ces cours. Julia Blum vit avec sa famille à Mevasseret Zion, une petite ville aux abords de Jérusalem. Le nom de cette ville vient du livre d’Isaïe (Isa 40:9) et signifie : « Apporter de bonnes nouvelles à Sion ».


Julia Blum est titulaire d’un master. Elle a étudié à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem (études religieuses), à l’Institut de Philosophie et d’histoire de Tallinn (Estonie) et à l’Université de Tartu (Estonie).  Elle enseigne et écrit sur les premières études chrétiennes, le contexte juif du Nouveau Testament et l’intégration des connaissances hébraïques dans l’étude de la Bible.

Expérience professionnelle

Auteure de plusieurs livres sur des thèmes bibliques, Julia Blum a enseigné au Lycée israélien de la Bible à Jérusalem et elle est souvent invitée à prendre la parole lors de diverses conférences. Elle a en outre écrit des commentaires sur des portions de la Torah, pour différents sites, et a donné des leçons hebdomadaires sur la Torah sur radio Netiviah.