Aliza Tal
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Aliza Tal
"My teachers in one word are great ,the job is a tough one what with so many levels of student abilities and they mange to satisfy most and give constant incouragement along the way ."
"No tan solo aprendo hebreo sino que al hacerlo me sumerjo en otro modo de pensar, y me hace comprender y amar una sociedad con lo que hace tanto tiempo rompimos nuestra relación. Y al cabo? Pues resulta que puedo ver que no somos más que parientes enfadados entre si."

Aliza Tal

Modern Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Aliza teaches Hebrew to students from around the world at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, as well as to immigrants in Israel in Ulpan programs.


Aliza studied Social Work and Early Childhood Education at the Hebrew University and holds a teaching certificate from the Ministry of Education.

Professional Experience

Aliza joined the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies in 2008. Before that, she worked in Ulpan programs of the Hebrew University and the Jewish Agency and has worked in the Israeli education system for many years, including missions to teach Hebrew and Jewish culture in schools in Russia.