Dr. Nicholas J. Schaser

Dr. Nicholas J. Schaser

Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies, “Hebrew Insights from the Bible” Academic Program Developer

A Few Words About Me

I seek to help Bible readers understand the original context of Scripture through close readings of the ancient Hebrew texts. I’m also interested in the Jewish nature of Jesus and the New Testament, and speaks with both Jews and Christians to promote healthy and lasting Jewish-Christian dialogue.


Dr. Schaser earned his PhD in Jewish Studies and the New Testament from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) under world-renowned Jewish New Testament scholar Dr. Amy-Jill Levine. He also holds two master’s degrees in Jewish Studies and the Hebrew Bible.

Professional Experience

Dr. Schaser is a professor of Jewish Studies and New Testament at Israel Bible Center, as well as an assistant professor of Religious Studies at Macalester College. He also teaches at a wide variety of seminaries, and lectures often in churches and synagogues.