Hana Rotman
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Hana Rotman
"Rosen School of Hebrew provides comprehensive learning experience in reading, writing, and speaking modern Hebrew."
"Level 5. After trying everything Hebrew I could get my hands on, I registered for this class and my wife registered for a different one. I’m very impressed with our instructor חנה/Hana Rotman. She keeps the class interesting and fun with Hebrew conversations about the topics, asking our opinions, and keeping everyone involved and up to speed. I also like the pressure of a final exam and potential credit through Hebrew U, because it’s 40 years since I’ve been in college. I’ve recommended this course already to several people."
"Our teacher Hana is excellent and the students all participate. It’s encouraging to see several like-minded people working toward the same goal, fluency in Hebrew."

Hana Rotman

Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Hana is loved by her students, who say she is friendly and patient. She loves studying and teaching Hebrew, and says that it is her life’s passion.


Hana holds MA degrees in Structural and Applied Linguistics from the St. Petersburg State University. She is a graduate of Mandel Leadership Institute  (the Jerusalem Fellows Program). She studied in various courses at the Hebrew University, at Herzog College, in the Academy of the Hebrew Language, and other universities and institutions.

Professional Experience

Hana began to teach modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, and the Tanakh  in the underground groups in the Soviet Union. She was among the founders of the St. Petersburg Jewish University and the teachers’ learning community “The New Jewish school”. She  taught Hebrew and the Tanakh at Jewish schools in Russia, at teachers’ training courses, in ulpans in Israel, worked in the Melton Pedagogical Center at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and was the chief editor of the publishing house “New Jewish school”  (St. Petersburg). She is an author of manuals and teaching programs for Hebrew and the Tanakh.