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Igal German
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my class, particularly my teacher Igal he's really good. "
"I always got excellent help and feedback from eTeacher. My teachers were more than helpful. I will recommend eTeacher to everybody. Venessa Holtzhausen "
"I have a Bachelor of Biblical Education degree and I believe that this course will fill in some of the gaps from the view of the Messianic Jewish perspective. There have been many little pearls of knowledge that have given me understanding of looking through the eyes of my Messianic Jewish teacher."

Igal German

Professor of Biblical Studies

A Few Words About Me

“An ignorant man cannot be pious, nor can the shy man learn, or the impatient man teach.” (Pirkei Avot 2:6)

Igal German teaches the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and biblical geography at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.


Igal holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible from the University of Toronto as well as a BA and MA in Biblical Literature from the University of Haifa. His research and teaching are primarily about the historical and theological interactions between the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament with the purpose of promoting interfaith dialogue between Jews and Christians.

Professional Experience

Igal is a dynamic teacher who has taught a variety of biblical and theological subjects in Canada and the United States.