Malka Kotzer
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Malka Kotzer
"Everything is just fine !!!! Excellent platform and design !!! The Word of the Lord shall come forth from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth !!!"
"People are so often arguing about translated versions of the Bible. So it feels good if some day I can read the Tanak in Hebrew !!!"
"Malka is a great teacher— very clear, encouraging and open to our questions — Im never made to feel “ too stupid to learn” The success of this course in my mind is primarily due to the approach of the teacher. I’ve had 3 teachers up to now— and Malka earns a 5 star!! Somehow I don’t feel rushed through the material, even tho Hebrew is by no means intuitive to an American learner. "

Malka Kotzer

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

The meaning of the Hebrew word ‘Torah’ is ‘to teach.’ I am a professor of Biblical Hebrew, an instructor of new teachers, and a translator of Spanish course material for students and teachers. What I love most about teaching are those seconds of silence just after I have explained a difficult passage in the Hebrew Bible when the students suddenly realize that an already familiar the text has a new and interesting interpretation.


Malka Kotzer graduated with a B.A. in Bible and Jewish History from the Hebrew University in Israel and obtained her M.A. degree in Organizational Development from the Andrés Bello University in Caracas, Venezuela. Malka is a certified Senior Hebrew teacher and instructor of the Department of Jewish Education for the Diaspora.

Professional Experience

Malka has taught in Israeli and Hebrew schools in Venezuela, Spain, and Kenya, and served as the Director of Jewish studies at Moral y Luces Jewish Secondary School in Caracas where she was involved in upgrading the syllabus of Jewish Studies. Since 2006, she is a professor of Biblical and Modern Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, and is responsible for the translation of Biblical and Modern Hebrew programs to Spanish. Malka is an instructor for new Biblical Hebrew teachers and is the host of a Biblical Hebrew Open Classroom and virtual seminar (Webinar).