Orna Zalmanov, MA
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Orna Zalmanov, MA
"Very easy to access, enjoyable staff and students. We're all here to learn and to broaden our existing skill sets. Therein, this is a very friendly environment where, as students are all participating equally (Teacher prompted ;); we all get to learn from listening to each others struggles and facilitative responses. This provides an environment where our limitations are identified as opportunities .... and learning ensues. "
"our teacher is very enthusiastic and caring. "
"it is very interactive and student friendly. I can read hebrew very well, but I am slow at understanding it when my teacher speaks..... "

Orna Zalmanov, MA

Modern Hebrew Teacher, Content Writer, Editor

A Few Words About Me

Orna is a Hebrew teacher, currently focusing on modern Hebrew studies. She is also one of the contributors to the professional content taught at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, writing new content as well as editing the existing materials. She is constantly moved by her students. She enjoys listening to a student, who could only utter very simple words and sentences at the beginning of a semester, being able to express and share a full idea or experience by the end of the term.


Orna has a bachelor’s degree in Hebrew and Bible studies, and a master’s degree in Bible studies, as well as a teacher’s certificate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Professional Experience

Orna has over 30 years of experience teaching. She has taught Hebrew and Bible Studies in Israeli high-schools (including preparing students for their matriculation exams) for 23 years, as well as Hebrew and Zionism in an American junior high-school in Houston, Texas, where she lived for three years. Orna has been teaching and writing content for the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies for over 10 years, covering classes of Biblical and Modern Hebrew for both adults and children, teaching groups and private lessons.