Ya’akov Dolgopolsky-Geva

Ya’akov Dolgopolsky-Geva

A Few Words About Me

Ya’akov Dolgopolsky-Geva believes studying an ancient text means searching for the lost world in which it was composed – its environment, its author and its audience, and eventually understanding the text and the world a little better. In his PhD research, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Nili Wazana, he specializes in the study of spatial knowledge items in Biblical historiographic texts. This is the kind of Biblical research that, despite focusing on the text itself, naturally adjoins other disciplines – historical geography, cognitive geography, archaeology and literary theory. And that’s exactly what makes it so much fun. He lives with his wife and son in Even Sappir – a small moshav in the vicinity of Jerusalem.


Ya’akov Dolgopolsky Geva is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Bible Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was a fellow in the PhD Honors Program at the Mandel School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. He has an MA in Hebrew Bible from the Hebrew University and a BA in Archaeology and European History from Tel Aviv University.

Professional Experience

Ya’akov Dolgopolsky Geva teaches at the Department of Bible Studies at the Hebrew University. In the past he taught Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic courses at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. In addition, he is a research assistant to Dr. Shimon Gesundheit, and for many years he worked as a historical tour guide in Jaffa and Tel Aviv.