Shlomit Ben
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"Aprender hebraico no eTeacher foi uma experiência excelente! Tive professoras maravilhosas e colegas do mundo todo. Hoje no nível 8, posso dizer que eu consigo conversar em hebraico e isto me deixa extremamente feliz!"
"Shalom So far, I am enjoying the classes with Mrs Shlomit Ben. And I'm enjoying learning this beautiful and ancient language. The recordings available are beneficial for practising and listening to the correct pronunciation of the words. Thank you. God Bless you"
"I'm so glad I found the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies and the Hebrew Level A course! From the very first moment I clicked on the site for information, I've had constant communication, direction, and help as a new student. The course materials are very thorough and the instructors are fantastic! I was also very pleased and excited to find that there are many "extras" available for students; things like open classes and other lectures. I highly recommend IIBS!"

Shlomit Ben

Modern and Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Hebrew is the holy language, and the Bible is the most widely read holy book in the world. When you learn this language and the Bible, you discover many more layers of meaning, in the words themselves and the connections between them.


Shlomit holds a BA in Hebrew Literature and the History of Jewish Thought, and a teaching certificate in Literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In addition, she took courses in teaching Hebrew.

Professional Experience

Shlomit has experience in a wide variety of fields. She taught Hebrew to adults in Ulpan programs, prepared young immigrants in college to academic studies in Hebrew, and prepared immigrant students for the high school finals in Hebrew, and Israeli students for the finals in essay writing. She joined the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies in 2007 and teaches Hebrew and biblical Hebrew to students of all levels.