Hebrew Book of Revelation

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What is the Book of Revelation trying to tell us? It’s no secret that the Book is shrouded in mysteries. It’s a mystic text and stands out from the rest of the New Testament in its use of poetic prose, with deeply vivid imagery related to a religious genre called Jewish Apocalyptic writing.

Covering the Book in great detail over 30 lessons, we will dispel the confusion associated with Revelation. You will finish the course with a deeper understanding of this profound Biblical work, as well as insight into its mysteries
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Syllabus Summary

  1. Book of Revelation as Jewish Apocalypse

    An overview of several basic facts that must be kept in mind when reading the book of Revelation. What does it mean that the book belongs to the genre of Jewish Apocalyptic literature? How does the book of Revelation relate to other Israelite books in this category? This lecture focuses on Revelation as a letter to the seven assemblies in Roman Asia.

  2. Suffering and Victorious Jewish Messiah

    Revelation fuses Jewish ideas of the Suffering Messiah and Victorious Messiah into one image tied to Yeshua (Jesus). This lecture looks at the divine identity of the Alpha and Omega in its original Jewish setting. The discussion takes a fascinating detour in the usually unexplored part of the Jewish religious literature.

  3. The Day of the Lord: Sunday, Sabbath or something else?

    This session considers the language of the Lord’s Day in Revelation. Three possible interpretive options are considered: traditional Christian option of the Lord’s Day being the same as Sunday, the Lord’s Day being Sabbath Day (the day belonging to the Lord) and the Lord’s Day as the day of judgement that will take place in the future.

  4. Son of Man and Son of God in Ancient Judaism

    This session discusses the image of the Son of Man in Revelation the way John describes him with other Jewish traditions in biblical and extra-biblical literature. Exploring the powerful Judaic image of the “Son of Man” in connection to Jesus of Nazareth.

  5. First Love the Ephesians & Deeds of the Nicolaitans

  6. The Slander in Smyrna: What was the “Synagogue” of Satan"?

  7. The City of Pergamum and Satan’s Throne

  8. Jezebel of Thyatira & Jewish Anti-idolatry Polemic

  9. The Living Dead of Sardis & Struggles in Philadelphia

  10. Lukewarm Laodicea & Twenty-Four Elders

  11. God's Chariot Throne & Hebrew Scroll with Seven Seals

  12. The Lion of Judah & the Slain Lamb

  13. The Identity of 144,000 Israelites (Part I)

  14. The Identity of 144,000 Israelites (Part II)

  15. Making Sense of Two Witness (Part I)

  16. Making Sense of Two Witness (Part II)

  17. Identity of the Woman: Israel or Mary?

  18. Book of Daniel as Revelation’s Background (Part I)

  19. Book of Daniel as Revelation’s Background (Part II)

  20. The Two Beasts rising from the Sea

  21. The Final Harvest

  22. Seven Angels with Seven Plagues

  23. The Whore on the Scarlet Beast

  24. The Fall of Babylon: Rome's Destruction

  25. Seven Visions of the Last Things

  26. Messiah’s coming & Wedding invitation

  27. The Binding of Satan & The Millennial Reign

  28. The New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem


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