Modern Hebrew – Level 5

Learning Hebrew doesn't only bring you closer to your roots and to Israel, it also allows you to discover and read beautiful Hebrew literature.

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    This course is worth 2 credits at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

You are already a confident Hebrew speaker, so this is the perfect time to enrich your vocabulary with Israeli idioms and metaphors. In this advanced course you will improve your listening comprehension, speaking skills and writing ability. We will read about historical areas of Israel, different social groups and popular poetry. Through these texts you will acquire 300 new words, expressions and proverbs and verb conjugations in all tenses, which will give you a variety of ways of expressing your thoughts.

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Ouzi Rotem, M.A.

Ouzi Rotem, M.A.

Ouzi Rotem lives in Tel Aviv, where he  teaches Modern and Biblical Hebrew as well as Biblical Aramaic. He enjoys reading, cooking and listening to…

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Syllabus Summary

  1. Aleph Beth

    Text:Aleph Beth. Grammar: The inflections of the numerals and other quantifiers

  2. I Don't Know Why

    Song: What's up with me? / Arik Einstein, Josie, Katz, Yankale Rotblit and Shalom Hanoch, Grammar: Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: present, past and infinitive Indirect speech containing interrogative sentences

  3. I Would Like You to Talk Hebrew to Me

    Grammar: Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: future and gerund Verbs expressing a wish or a request

  4. I Waited and Waited…

    Song: Michael / Miriam Yalan-Shteklis, Grammar: Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Lamed-Yod

  5. Today We Are Cooking!

    Grammar: The impersonal clause in present, past and future The comparative

  6. I Washed Up, Dried Up and Combed My Hair

    Grammar: Binyan Hitpa’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: present, past and infinitive Letters that change places in Binyan Hitpa'el

  7. Let's Correspond by E-mail!

    Text: Communication, Grammar: Binyan Hitpa’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: future Each other

  8. Call Me, Please

    Grammar: The inflection of the preposition “לא” The inflection of “...ל” versus The inflection of “לא” Expressing purpose using “ידכ + infinitive” or “...ש ידכ + future”

  9. I Feel Great!

    Grammar: Binyan Hif’il, gizrat Ha-shlemim Assimilation of the third root-letter נ in the first person plural past form

  10. We're Going into the Cave!

    Text: Avshalom Cave, Grammar: Binyan Nif’al, gizrat Ha-shlemim

  11. You Remember…

    Grammar: Expressing habitual actions in the past The word “ותוא” as a marker of sameness

  12. When the Head Follows the Tail

    Texts: Do not Do unto Others What You Do not Want Them to Do unto You; The Tail and the Head, Grammar: The inflections of the prepositions “לע”, “ינפל” and “ירחא”

  13. We Studied Yesterday, We Are Studying Today, and We Will Study Tomorrow

    Grammar: Binyan Pa'al, gizrat Ha-shlemim past, present and future

  14. Departure at 6 AM, And Return at 9 PM

    Text: Jericho, Grammar: The “pa’ul” passive participle The superlative

  15. The Lowest City on Earth

    Text: Jericho, Grammar: The “pa’ul” passive participle The superlative

  16. Beit Alfa’s Ancient Synagogue

    Text: Beit Alfa, Grammar: The construct form of the cardinal numbers The counter of hundreds and the counter of thousands

  17. Up the Hill and Down the Valley

    Grammar: Time expressions

  18. Sweet Memories

    Grammar: Irregular plural forms of nouns The adjectival suffix “י ”

  19. Good Night!

    Song: Good Night / Yehonatan Geffen, Grammar: Review of the grammatical topics of the course The use of present tense for describing a situation

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