Christopher Chadwick (PhD Candidate)
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Christopher Chadwick (PhD Candidate)
"I have been enjoying the Aramaic class. It's challenging but not difficult. It's paced just right and doesn't interfere with my regular schedule. This is definitely a good format to anyone that does not have access to learning these languages at a local institution. "
"These classes have been the right balance of rigor and restraint for my schedule and inclination. My instructor is fantastic and has facilitated an authentic learning experience for me. It's wonderful to be in a class with a teacher where the central motivation is love for Biblical Hebrew."
"As a student i’m extremely fascinated by the depth of biblical revelations through this institute. It gives you an incredible perspective on the profound combination of theory and practice. Lesson after lesson, together with the teachers, we manage to drill deeper, in a kind and clear manner so that we can understand the revelations of Scripture. Soaked in eloquent principles, the Hebrew Bible Institute helps you to understand the true meaning of Bible passages and offers practical suggestions on how to use them! With great emotion I recommend the Hebrew Bible Institute to all those who want to know fully the scriptural teaching through the eyes of the Hebrew language."

Christopher Chadwick (PhD Candidate)

Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Teacher

A Few Words About Me

I teach New Testament courses at Instituto Adventista Paranaense in ?. I hold degrees in Religious Studies and Archaeology, and have been studying and tutoring Hebrew for twelve years. My MA focused on the archaeology of ancient Israel and Jordan as well as on ancient Semitic languages, including classical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Ugaritic. I have excavated and traveled in Israel and Jordan. For my Ph.D., I am currently studying the archaeology of the late Roman/Byzantine period in Sicily.


Chris is a Ph.D. candidate in Archeology and the History of Antiquity at Andrews[RK1]  University, in? He has an M.A. in Religion from Andrews[RK2]  University and wrote his thesis on “Middle and late Bronze Age Pottery from Tal Jalul”. Chris also holds a B.A. in Religion in Archeology and Religious studies.

Professional Experience

Chris has been a Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic teacher for over 6 years and is currently the Professor of the New Testament and Theology at Instituto Adventista Paranaense.