Rabbi Don Peterman MAJCS
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Rabbi Don Peterman MAJCS
"I am currently on level C Biblical Hebrew. So far, all the course layouts have been well thought out and easy to follow. The course workbooks are extremely useful and I often refer back to previous level workbooks. The extra workbook, however, needs an answer section. The tutors are all extremely good and very patient, and give extra information on context, grammar, etc in every class."
"Like the title says, the methode is fantastic. I am learning a lot in a friendly and efficient way. Thanks a lot."
"I am learning so much, I got exactly what I wanted and so much more. The fact that a Hebrew Rabbi is my Rabbi, my tutor, I could not ask for more. Anybody can teach you grammar by not anybody can teach you the culture of that language, that is what I get from the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. I don't ever stop learning from you!"

Rabbi Don Peterman MAJCS

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

To truly understand the Bible you must become unstuck in time. Done sees himself as a facilitator, by bringing the student’s love for the Bible and the language of the Bible together so that translation from the original Hebrew becomes unnecessary. Don loves to travel in Israel and is an enthusiastic amateur archaeologist.


Don has been teaching Hebrew in various forms for over 50 years. He is an Ordained Rabbi with a specialty in long range planning and community building, and has two masters’.

Professional Experience

Don helped build a thriving congregation in Atlanta Georgia, USA and made aliyah in 1984. He spent some 30 years working with the Alexander Muss High School in Israel as a master teacher and scholar guide.  Don has guided 1000s of students using the Bible as a guide and the land of Israel as the stage for the unfolding story of the lands and people of Eretz Yisrael.