Merav Buch
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Merav Buch
"People argue today that you can simply teach yourself anything on YouTube. I argue that YouTube pales in comparison to IIBS's quality curriculum, in-class participation, hands-on learning, and experienced native teachers who guide you, answer questions, and truly care about student success. I am so grateful for the wonderful staff and this life-enriching opportunity. Hallelujah!"
"Very relavant vocabulary, sound theoretical emphasis, very kind and engaging teacher"
"The course is challenging, but rewarding. I enjoy having interaction with the Teacher, Merav Buch, and classmates from a broad area of the world. "

Merav Buch

Modern and Biblical Hebrew Teacher, and Teacher of "Exploring the Land of the Bible"


Merav holds a BA in Biblical Studies and a BA in English from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has a certificate for teaching Hebrew as a second language from the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Merav earned her teaching certificate in English and in Jewish Texts at the Hebrew University’s School of Education. She is looking to continue to M.A in Biblical studies.

Professional Experience

Merav lived part of her adolescent life in Hong Kong and Brazil, and since her army service has been living in Jerusalem where she’s seen a diverse and exciting city through its many recent phases. Merav is loves the online teaching experience which enables her to mediate between the English speakers and the Hebrew texts, thus combining her main areas of interests while guiding others in their study of Hebrew and of the Bible.