Roberto Cole Atkinson
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Roberto Cole Atkinson
"It has been fun, good materials, excellent teacher and a learning environment!"
"Only 2/3 of the way through my first class and Im reading from the Hebrew Bible with understandin! I can only fathom what I'll be able to do when I've completed the course!!!"
"Biblical Hebrew introduces the student to the rich resource of the Hebrew Bible in its original languages. Learning and new language may be daunting for some, but with eTeacherGroup, it is not only possible, but fun."

Roberto Cole Atkinson

Biblical Hebrew Teacher, and Teacher of the Hebrew Bible, Holy Land Studies, and Jewish Background of the New Testament

A Few Words About Me

The Hebrew Bible is a literary masterpiece, not only in its individual compositions but also in its canonical shape and unity. The triple consonantal alliteration exhibited in the first two words of the Hebrew Bible is their most salient literary, and consequently, interpretive feature. Oddly enough, this most important aspect of the opening words of the entire work has been largely ignored across the spectrum of scholarship.


Mr. Atkinson has a PhD and MA in Semitic Languages from UCLA, ThM and MDiv from TEDS, Deerfield, IL, and a BA from Western Michigan University.

Professional Experience

Roberto has over 20 years of experience teaching about the Hebrew bible as well as biblical languages, including biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and Septuagint and other related subjects at graduate and undergraduate levels in both Spanish and English. Has taught in California, North Carolina, Mexico, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico.