Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW
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Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW
"Very happy with the course, in fact I look forward to my lesson enthusiastically. Shira is excellent, patient and extremely professional."
"I feel that I am appreciated in my class. My teacher is very kind and helpful. "
"I am really enjoying the course. Shira is a wonderful teacher. Very patient and very through. Languages have never been my strong point and I still struggle (ask Shira :-) ) but I have learned a lot and, thanks to Shira, continue to learn. I actually look forward to each class!! I am even thinking of going on to the next course"

Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW

Biblical Hebrew, Academic Developer

A Few Words About Me

Shira Cohen-Regev finds the combination of teaching Hebrew and e-learning appealing and challenging and enjoys every minute of virtually teaching Hebrew. Shira believes in virtual schools and online education. She has also developed and taught online courses in professional development for teachers. Shira has a passion for teaching and writing and she incorporates these passions into all of her occupations. She believes that the best way to teach a language to children and adults is by working with the students on an individual and small-group basis.


Shira Cohen-Regev holds an M.A. degree in Child Development and Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

Professional Experience

Shira Cohen-Regev specializes in education and the development of educational programs. She has been teaching classes, both to students and teachers, for over 20 years. Shira taught and tutored Hebrew as a Second Language at the University of Pittsburgh. Here at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, she taught online courses of all levels of Hebrew and developed content for Modern Hebrew courses. Currently, Shira is training and instructing new teachers of Modern & Biblical Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.