Sigal Zohar
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Sigal Zohar
"The online, yet live, classes are the most convenient way for me to study. Our professor, Sigal Zohar, is fantastic!! She really cares about her students and guides us into seeing the Hebrew language in a most beautiful way. She explains everything so well and in a way that's easy to understand. "
"Hebrew Language course developed by RoseHebrewSchool can become as Language Learning Standard Technique!"
"I have learned so much through these courses and my amazing teacher Sigal Zohar ! "

Sigal Zohar

Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew Teacher, New Lecturer Guide

A Few Words About Me

Sigal teaches Grammatical Hebrew for both Biblical and Modern contexts. Born in Jaffa (Tel Aviv), her deep-rooted love for the Hebrew language and its rich wisdom is evident in her approach to teaching


Sigal holds a DEA in Hebrew Language from the University of Paris, an M.A. in Hebrew Language and Comparative Literature, cum laude, from the University of Haifa, an M.A. in Hebrew Language from Bar Ilan University, and B.A. in Hebrew Language and Comparative Literature from the University of Haifa..

Professional Experience

Sigal’s professional experience includes creating and developing online courses in Biblical and Modern Hebrew and creating grammatical Hebrew lessons. She has extensive experience as professor of all levels of Hebrew, including preparation for the matriculation exam (which includes Hebrew writing and grammar). As a senior professor at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, Sigal is experienced both in teaching students and in training new teachers for online education in various subjects.