Stefan Bosman
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Stefan Bosman
"I am very impressed with the level of education that Israel Institute of Biblical Studies has provided. The Professors are very experienced and the courses are well designed. There is a nice mixture of Christian and Jewish culture in both the students and Professors in a very professional, respectful environment. You can begin from knowing nothing to reaching the highest level of training in one place. I feel truly blessed to be in this school."
"Learning the essentials of the Hebrew language is knowing the knowledge of the technical aspect of the Hebrew language. The mastery of its concept is necessary to satisfy the desire to learn to speak, write, and read Hebrew. Hebrew language satisfies me, I find pleasure in learning it, especially on its Biblical perspective. The Hebrew language, the language I want to make it my own."
"I respect and admire my instructor and being a beginner, I am inching forward with progress the more time I commit to study."

Stefan Bosman

Associate Professor in Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, and Jewish Studies

A Few Words About Me

The present is the point at which time touches eternity. (The Screwtape Letters)

Stefan is Associate Professor in Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, and Jewish Studies. He believes that it is very important to not only teach, but also remain a student who seeks to constantly be transformed by new discoveries and experiences, many of which are brought about by interaction with his students!


Stefan holds a BA in Software Engineering and an MA in Hebrew Bible (Hebrew University). In addition, he did two years of graduate work at seminaries in the USA and completed a preparatory PhD track in Comparative Religion (Judaism and Christianity) at the Hebrew University before embarking on a PhD in the same field at the University of Aberdeen.

Professional Experience

Stefan has taught Biblical Hebrew for over eight years in a variety of settings. In addition, he taught courses in the fields of Jewish Studies and the New Testament. The field of biblical studies, including its languages and interpretation, is what Stefan is truly passionate about.