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Néstor H. Petruk
"Very much enjoyed how the detail of Jacob's dilemma was emphasized by Prof Chaja - I saw it as God's confirmation for the basis of the Christian ministry that I have felt led to apply in today's world. "God is in charge, ask Him to take care of your situation instead of trying to solve it yourself - and resist the temptation to tell Him how to fix things.""
"Good teachers. Good materials. Very important themes. "
"This is a wonderful course to help understand the true context of the New Testament. The NT writers, for the most part, wrote from a Jewish perspective and/or with a Jewish understanding to the early Church which was (mostly) Jewish. Gentile readers must reconcile this fact in order to truly understand what the writers intended in their epistles, even when writing to Gentile believers (i.e.: Galatians). Rightly dividing/accurately handling the Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:15) requires understanding the historical context as the foundation for correct interpretation. "

Néstor H. Petruk

Professor of "Jewish New Testament and Hebrew Bible", and Forum Administrator.

A Few Words About Me

“Learn, Learn, Learn, don’t be afraid to Learn.”

Nester teaches “Jewish New Testament and Hebrew Bible” at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies and is the forum administrator for Spanish speakers. He served as an archaeologist and epigraphist in archaeological projects in Jordan and Israel. He enjoys studying and teaching ancient languages and history related to the Bible. He currently lives in Barcelona with Nuria, his wife, and Hugo, his son.


Néstor holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Theology (Cum Laude) at the River Plate Adventist University, Argentina. He also earn two Masters’ in Ancient Culture and Language specialization in the Bible and the Ancient Near East and the second M.A. in Assyriology at the University of Barcelona, Spain. He did postgraduate studies in Religions and Jewish History at the Complutense University of Madrid and CSIC (Spanish National Research Council).  He is currently writing his PhD dissertation in the Department of Hebrew and Aramaic Studies at the University of Barcelona.

Professional Experience

Néstor has experience teaching biblical studies and biblical languages. He is a Professor of the Old Testament at Spanish Adventist Theological Seminary, Valencia, Spain, and has several publication in the field of Biblical Studies, History of Israel, and Archaeology.

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