Zvi Revelson, Ph.D
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Zvi Revelson, Ph.D
"teachers are brilliant, courses are full of deeper insights, course material is super to follow up with. It's an enrichment for everyone who is interested in studying hebrew, biblical items and people searching for deeper insights of biblical themes. Toda raba, may b****h h****m protect them all and may he support them going on with such a fantastic work they are doing."
"Greater background, context and multiple language progression answered many questions thus enabling me to read and translate more confidently. "
"The course is very well designed, enjoyable and informative. The teacher delivers the lessons to a very high standards. A total delight to be a student with the lnstitute! "

Zvi Revelson, Ph.D

A Few Words About Me

“Treat His will as if it were your own will so that He will treat your will as if it were His will.”

Zvi has lived in Israel for over 20 years immersing himself in the religion, culture, and language of the Holy Land. This experience enables him to pass along his perspective to his students, especially as it relates to understanding the cultural, social, historical, and language aspects of various texts.


Zvi holds a doctorate in Rabbinic Midrash from the University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation deals with the rabbinic understanding of ontological Torah in the opening sections of the midrashic text, Bereshit Rabbah, and the possibility of a latent retort to Christianity’s understanding of Jesus as it is presented in the Prologue to the Gospel of  John.

Professional Experience

Zvi gives a course, “From the Jewish Jesus to Christianity”, at the Hebrew University’s International School, which examines the Jewishness of Jesus from numerous aspects, and the cultural, social, theological, and historical elements that led to his becoming the object of faith in Christianity. Zvi also gave a private seminar to International School students on the principles of Rabbinic Midrash. In addition, he taught Biblical Hebrew for 11 years at an American institution in Jerusalem.