"The Institute's course on Biblical Hebrew was a life transforming experience for me"
Biblical Hebrew – Level A

What Our Students Say

Pacey Katrina
Biblical Hebrew – Level A "I enjoy the multinational classrooms with Hebrew speaking teachers & his great sense of… Read More
Ofori Charles
Biblical Hebrew – Level D "The course equips one to interpret the biblical text in its original language unearthing… Read More
Giaccardi Hilary
Biblical Hebrew – Level B "I have nothing but compliments for the eTeacher Group. Learning a new langage can… Read More
koning-weggeman mirjam
Biblical Hebrew – Level B "I love THE methode and THE way THE lessons are taught. Compared with the… Read More
Royal David
Biblical Aramaic "I have been enjoying the Aramaic class. It's challenging but not difficult. It's paced… Read More
New Marcia
The Jewish Background of the New Testament "I have been delighted with the Jewish background of the New Testament course. Content… Read More