Modern Hebrew – Level 8

Be an inseparable part of Israel, read the newspaper and watch the news like any other Israeli and communicate with your friends and family in Israel fluently.

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Course Main Takeways
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    2 hrs
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    9 Months
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Congratulations, you have reached the final level! You have acquired over 3,000 new words, you are familiar with many different aspects of grammar and you can speak, read and write Hebrew confidently and proficiently. The focus of this course is to give you an opportunity to practice everything you have learned to this point. Your teacher will introduce current news articles about Israeli politics, science and society. Together, we will practice speaking, reading and writing about these topics, to orient you in Israeli life and improve your fluency.

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Syllabus Summary

  1. Course's summary

    This course serves a summary and a practical tool to the material taught in all previous courses in the aspects of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. In Modern Hebrew – level 8, the students will implement all the previous knowledge and skills they have acquired to handle texts in Hebrew about current affairs happening in Israel and around the world. The students will be reading texts on different topics such as society, environment, religion and state, nature, archeology and science. The lessons will also include caricatures that will help the students to find their way around policy and politics in Israel.

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