Belkis Rogovsky
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Belkis Rogovsky
"Leí mi biblia completa 2 veces, cuando iba para tercera, comencé a tener dudas, busque respuestas con los lideres religiosos de mi comunidad, nadie me supo responder, entonces dirigí mi vista al origen, y busque, encontré este Instituto y me dieron la oportunidad de aprender, ahora me siento muy alegre por que encontré muchas respuestas a mis dudas, Shalom"
"Estoy muy satisfecha con la clases y con la profesionalidad de los profesores que es tenido el privilegio de ser instruida....el Profesor Tomas Urrutia,,El profesor Eris de Jesus Rodriguez....Muy buenos educadores,aprendi a amarlo...."
"Me parece muy buena la clase la maestra explica muy bien las palabras y también se compagina con el material que nos enviaron y podemos hacer los ejercicios y creo que así podemos aprender mejor"

Belkis Rogovsky

Biblical Hebrew Teacher and Lecturer of the Course “Exploring the Land of the Hebrew Bible”.

A Few Words About Me

Belkis firmly believes that it is our duty to share and transmit all what we have learned, since we also have been created to that end.


Belkis holds a BA in Education Sciences and High School Pedagogy, and an MA in Cultural Diversity, (The Jewish-American Program). She is a Qualified High School Teacher of Judaic Studies (Hebrew Academy, Buenos Aires), and a Certified Hebrew Primary School Teacher (Chaim Greenberg Teachers College, Jerusalem, Israel).

Professional Experience

For 44 years, Belkis has specialized in teaching Judaic Studies, mostly in Hebrew. Her experience includes both instruction and administration at colleges and Jewish schools and she wrote a book on teaching Hebrew to seventh-grade classes in the Diaspora. Belkis has written and translated articles from Hebrew to Spanish and vice versa and has published a variety of articles online.  She is currently writing a thesis on the Hebrew language as the “Language of Values”. Belkis has processed and compiled the content for her website and worked as Director of Hebrew courses at the IICCAI, (Instituto de Intercambio Cultural y Científico Argentino-Israelí). On behalf of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, she prepared and instructed students for the Jerusalem Examination. At Martin Buber High School, she was the Coordinator of Jewish Themes and at Shai Agnon Kindergarten,  she worked as a Hebrew instructor. She taught Hebrew at Shazar Teachers College in Buenos Aires and taught Jewish studies at AMAI (the Argentine Jewish Community Center). Belkis has also taught in Mexico, Chile, and Uruguay, and has lectured at the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary in Buenos Aires.