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Beth Broadway
"The courses are great! I love the way the lessons are set up and the teachers are excellent! The website is easy to navigate and the webex classroom has been very easy to use. The teachers I have had have made themselves available via email for questions between classes. It's great to meet classmates and teachers from all over the world! I have also found customer care to be great for technical issues and other questions. Thanks eteacher!"
"The course sheds more facts into the biblical story and brings it to reality. Factual proof of mankind. The existence and external of God almighty."
"My experience with Hebrew Classes has been wonderful, I'm especially enjoying level B with Beth Broadway Hinson. She gives a lot of detail, adds extra insights and is very encouraging,"

Beth Broadway

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Beth has been teaching Hebrew for many years to students ages 5 to 88 online and in person, including in a couple of local synagogues. She also teaches Israeli culture and Jewish drama classes and loves to write plays in every language. All ancient stories are dramatic if just find the right angle on the plot! Beth believes that every new language you learn opens a bridge to another world.


She holds an MA in Jewish History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an emphasis on the Second Temple Period, and a BA in Jewish Studies with an emphasis on Hebrew. Her research primarily focuses on ancient religious texts and what they can tell us about ancient religious beliefs and practices, especially in the pseudepigrapha and other non-canonical texts.  Her thesis is titled, “The Development of Jewish Martyrdom from the Exodus to the Maccabees.” She also loves to focus on the “neglected” stories of the Bible in Judges and Kings.

Professional Experience

Beth Broadway is a long time professor of Biblical Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, and also teaches all levels of modern Hebrew, from beginners to advanced.