Cheryl Strimple
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Cheryl Strimple
"I appreciate having the options of class time scheduling. And the availability to take classes again when ever needed. Thank you so much."
"I found the workload and expectations heavy but achievable. In my case I was undertaking the Hebrew A course at the same time as I was completing a Degree in Theology. Self imposed strictures!"
"Cheryl is a very student friendly teacher and for me empathises with the struggles some of us have in consolidating the grammar covered in previous Grades. No one is made to feel 'slow' and this enables learning. It may be because she is a student herself doing doctoral studies."

Cheryl Strimple

Academic Teacher

A Few Words About Me:

“There is no such thing as identity, only operational acts of identification.” – Jean-Francois Bayart

Cheryl Strimple is a PhD candidate in Biblical Studies, specializing in Hebrew Bible, at Southern Methodist University. She lives in Texas with her two dogs, Posey, a Staffordshire Terrier mix, and Thumper, her Deaf Australian Shepherd.


Cheryl holds an M.T.S. degree from Brite Divinity School. She practices rhetorical-narrative criticism and works in the areas of Hebrew Bible and Disability Studies.

Professional Experience:

Cheryl is the principal author of the essay “ ‘And His Skin Returned to The Skin of A Little Boy’: De-masculinization, Disability, and The ‘Healing’ of Naaman,” and has published an article in the area of disability pedagogy, “Disability Studies as a Liberative Hermeneutic: Implications for the Classroom.” She is completing dissertation research that brings the perspective of critical disability theory to a literary