Francois T. de Villiers, M.A
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Francois T. de Villiers, M.A
"I can only say I'm enjoying it immensely!"
"The depth of knowledge and insight that these courses offer to the students really helps to enrich the study of your Bible. I thoroughly enjoy all of the different aspects from Hebrew to the background of the land and people. "
"I so enjoy the classes with Francois. He is very patient and thorough and has a very stress free environment! I find the studies enriching and exciting. The Institute seems very credible and accurate. I look forward to continuing my studies! The classes are flexible and easy to fit into an already busy schedule."

Francois T. de Villiers, M.A

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

A Rabbi wrote a blessing in Francois’ personal Hebrew Bible while he was still an undergraduate student:  “May you come to discover the myriad levels of meaning contained in this book.”  This inspired him to teach Biblical Hebrew to help others make the same discovery – and to enjoy the Hebrew.


Francois holds an M.Div. degree (University of Stellenbosch), a high school teaching diploma (University of South Africa), and an M.A. in Bible Translation (University of the Free State, Bloemfontein).  He is especially interested in textual criticism, the textual basis of Bible translations, and what strategies translators use to overcome translation difficulties.

Professional Experience

Francois has been teaching Biblical Hebrew (A-D) at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies since 2009.  He also teaches an Open Class and Seminar.

See what people say about Francois T. de Villiers

He makes sure to leave us with a clear understanding of the main point of each lesson, and all of it is explained with a contagious enthusiasm. To top it off, he always establishes a joyful atmosphere that relaxes us students and prepares us to joyfully learn.  –  Trent Wilde


Francois makes me feel comfortable with an unfamiliar subject. Class feels like family.  – Timothy Kresock