Lucia Helena Zanetti (M.A.)
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Lucia Helena Zanetti (M.A.)
"Very impressed with the quality of the materials and the amount that is covered, starting from absolute beginnings. Tutor very knowledgeable and supportive."
"Tenho acompanhado o curso e realizado os trabalhos solicitados, que ajudam a compreender melhor o hebraico."
"Aprendi bastante no curso de Hebraico Bíblico com o André. Vou fazer o B com ele também."

Lucia Helena Zanetti (M.A.)

Professor of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek

A Few Words About Me

“The meaning of life is in knowing G’d and making Him known through the Scriptures.”

Lucia Zanetti is a Professor of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek at the Israeli Institute of Biblical Studies. She loves teaching biblical languages and helping people create a stronger relationship with G’d and His Word.


Lucia graduated with honors from the Master of Divinity program of the Tyndale Theological Seminary where she learned Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek. Before that, she taught different English and German for many years and worked as a translator and interpreter. Lucia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Languages and has teaching credentials to teach Portuguese and German. She also holds a Master’s in German Linguistics.

Professional Experience

Lucia is very dynamic in her lessons, and has extensive experience studying and teaching languages, with a focus on Portuguese, English, German, Biblical Greek, and Biblical Hebrew.