Marvin Meital, PhD

Marvin Meital, PhD

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me:

Marvin considers language to be a passe-partout into a new and intriguing mindset, culture and civilization. He finds it astonishing that Biblical Hebrew (dating back thousands of years) is largely understood today by the average Israeli school child, while the English of Chaucer (14th century CE) requires the specialized training of scholars to decipher.


Marvin is a graduate of Harvard University (B.A.) and the University of Wisconsin (M.A. & Ph.D.), where he majored in Linguistics and Romance Languages, specializing in Portuguese. His doctorate is in Portuguese Linguistics.

Professional Experience:

During completion of his doctorate, Marvin taught Portuguese at the University of Wisconsin. He has taught Hebrew, both Modern and Biblical, at Boston’s Hebrew College and to foreign students at Ulpan Akiva, Netanya. In addition, he has taught English and Portuguese, both in the United States and Israel. He has been on the faculty of eTeacher Group’s Israel Institute of Biblical Studies since 2013.