Michael Bellofatto, M.A.
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Michael Bellofatto, M.A.
"This is my third attempt to start studying Biblical Hebrew, and I am very pleased with the learning outcomes."
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"I don’t have anything negative to say, it is a privilege to be part of this learning experience."

Michael Bellofatto, M.A.

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Michael is a Biblical Hebrew teacher for academic and lay students. He believes that studying Hebrew brings you one step closer to experiencing the texts through the eyes of its original readers. It is an art reaching out across time and history to connect you to an ancient book. When he is not teaching Hebrew, Michael is an orchestral musician in Boston, Massachusetts.


Michael currently holds two master’s degrees in Biblical Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. He has gained proficiency in several ancient languages, including Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, and Koine Greek, and is well versed in a variety of exegetical and critical approaches to Biblical texts.

Professional Experience

Michael has been a Hebrew tutor and teaching assistant for many years, and has been with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies since 2009.