Ronit Litman
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Ronit Litman
"אני מאוד שמח ללמוד אצל רונית כי אני מאמין שהיא מורה מעולה בהחלט. היא יודעת להבין תלמידים, מסבירה היטב את הכללים, הופכת את השיעור לנעים ומעניין."
"Ronit is very knowledgeable and conveys the information in an interesting and engaging matter. She takes us through the scriptures identifying locations and then provides information about the locations. For example, I learned that the locations mentioned in the story of Abraham showed that he was following a route typically used by nomads of his time."
"Especially Hebrew and more so Biblical Hebrew! But here I am reading the Bible in Hebrew and conversing (slowly and carefully) with my modern Hebrew teacher. Thank you eTeacher !"

Ronit Litman

Modern Hebrew Teacher and Lecturer of Exploring the Biblical Land of Israel

A Few Words About Me

Learning modern Hebrew and the language’s geographical-historical location will allow you to get to know Israel from a different and interesting perspective.


Ronit holds BA degrees in Archaeology of the Ancient World and Middle East Studies from Tel Aviv University (Israel). Her studies incorporate insights that relate to history, geography, archaeology, and the Bible.

Professional Experience

Ronit has 26 years of experience teaching Hebrew to new immigrants in Israel as well as in  Dallas, Texas-USA. She was an emissary of the Jewish Agency and taught Hebrew (both Modern and Biblical) to children and adults. Ronit worked  in cooperation with the Israeli Consulate in Houston and the Israeli Tourist Office in Dallas and planned events and lectured in the Jewish community. She was part of the 2000’s project – sending Christian groups to celebrate in Israel.