Sonia Leia Bachar
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Sonia Leia Bachar
"I love this class. You learn by repartition. You keep repeating what you have learned over and over so you don't forget it. By my 3rd class, we were already speaking Hebrew to one another. Could not ask for a better learning environment. "
"Eu não consigo encontrar pontos negativos da vossa parte, mais uma vez bons conteúdos e curso bem estruturado."
"Everything is great. We have an amazing teacher who understands, I am having a blissful time enjoying myself learning a language I have always loved to learn. So I must learn the Hebrew Language and write the Hebrew Letters. I have no complaints. I love the lessons."

Sonia Leia Bachar

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Sonia teaches Biblical Hebrew to Portuguese native speakers at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. She is happy knowing that through her work, she can assist people in achieving the knowledge they desire.


Sonia holds a B.A. in Pedagogy and an M.A. degree in Educational Technologies from the Catholic University of Parana, Brazil. She also holds an M.A. in Service Training in Judaic and Pedagogical Studies from Michlalah Jerusalem College.

Professional Experience

Sonia is originally from Brazil, but has lived many years in Israel and Kenya. She has over 25 years of experience teaching Hebrew as a second language to both children and adults, at schools, institutes, and universities in Brazil.