Tamar Weyl, B.A.

Tamar Weyl, B.A.

Modern Hebrew, Academic Director & Developer

A Few Words About Me

Tami Weyl was a senior lecturer at the Rothberg International School for Foreign Students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tami Weyl has been serving as the director of the pre-academic program for new immigrants at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Tami Weyl has dedicated her career to educational content development of the studies of the Hebrew language. She has published educational books, student’s booklets and even a series of computer applications designed to enrich vocabulary, grammar and proper use of language. Tami has been a member of  of the education committee of the Hebrew department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1979. She strongly believes in the effectiveness of the combination between language acquisition and computers, and in taking an active part in making your dreams a reality. Therefore, she has been developing multimedia applications for teaching Hebrew since 1990.


Tami Weyl holds a B.A. degree in Hebrew Language and Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also has an Education Certificate with the specialization in Hebrew Language and Literature. In 1982, Tami Weyl was endowed of the Hebrew Language on behalf of the Committee for Language Endowment.

Professional Experience

Tami Weyl is an experienced academic educator and academic content developer. She has taught countless Hebrew courses in various institutions to teachers and students from all around the world, including the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, France. As part of her position in the Hebrew department, she has been teaching Hebrew, writing materials for academic courses and exams, advising, and managing. She experience with linguistic counseling in the Ministry of Education in France and is a member of a research team at the School of Education in Israel. Together with other colleagues, Tami Weyl has published several books and academic articles on various topics concerning the Hebrew language.