Verónica Moreno Arjona, PhD candidate
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Verónica Moreno Arjona, PhD candidate
"Clases muy bien preparadas e impartidas"
"Estoy agradecida por estar en este instituto de estudios bíblicos, he aprendido mucho, compartido con profesores de excelencia y me han enseñado temas maravillosos de la biblia."
"Muy contento y agradecido. He aprendido muchísimo a través de los cursos de hebreo bíblico. Tanto del idioma como la profundidad del mismo."

Verónica Moreno Arjona, PhD candidate

Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Veronica teaches Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. She is responsible for the Open Class of Biblical Hebrew for Spanish speakers and lecturer of further biblical courses, “Exploring the Land of the Bible” and “Discovering the Hebrew Bible”. In her view, one of the greatest satisfactions as a teacher is to share with the students her passion for the biblical languages.


Veronica holds a Master of Arts in “Bible and Ancient Near East” from Rothberg International School (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), with a specialization in Akkadian language. She earned two degrees in “Hebrew Philology” from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), graduated with honors and another in “Journalism” from the same University (UCM). She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Lorraine (France) on the collection of manuscripts from Dead Sea Scrolls known as “Pseudo-Ezekiel” and “Apocryphon of Jeremiah” (4Q383-4Q391).

Professional Experience

Veronica has been teaching Biblical Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies since 2011 and Aramaic and further courses related to the Bible since 2016. She also volunteers as an English and Spanish teacher as part of an educational project for the integration of immigrants in Madrid.