Revd. André Mira
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Revd. André Mira
"All my life I have felt that the Bible had more to offer then what was being taught. After a few classes I can confirm this assumption to be true. I have now signed up for four years of classes to reconcile myself to the original script of the Bible. in addition to rooting myself in truth, learning about the landscape and teachings of the Early Church is changing my life. Thank you for opening your doors to the world. I am forever grateful."
"I have learned so much from Hebrew A and B, and look forward to studying Hebrew C later this year. The courses on the Torah and the Jewish Background of the NT are brilliant!"
"I find the materials discussed and the instructors very considerate. The truth uncovered is amazing."

Revd. André Mira

Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Jewish Background of the New Testament, Discovering the Hebrew Bible

A Few Words About Me

Revd. André Mira is an Associate Professor at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies and he teaches courses related to Jewish studies, including the Jewish Background of the New Testament and Discovering the Hebrew Bible. He is married with two children and a lover of the scriptures and music.


Revd. André Mira has an MA in Jewish studies from King’s College in London, and an MA in Biblical Studies from Heythrop College, University of London. His diplomas include a diploma in Theology, Religious Studies, and Psychoanalytic Psychology, all from the Birkbeck College, University of London. He is an accredited minister under the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Professional Experience

Revd. André Mira has been studying and teaching in Israel, London, and Sao Paulo for 17 years.

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