Rodrigo Galiza, PhD candidate
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Rodrigo Galiza, PhD candidate
"All I had to do was to send them a ticket to fix. They called and tried their best to help me get into zoom so that I could attend my class. They were very patient and understood that I wasn't very good at technology."
"Geography in Biblical times takes you on a journey enriching your understanding of why and how Biblical History happened the way it did due to the landscape and it's people. The Hebrew Bible - Torah, allows one to put aside personal interpretation and purely focus on WHAT the text says, which leads to wonderful debates on possibilities. I do strongly recommend that students first do Hebrew A and B before doing this course as it only contributes to better interpretation and involvement in the subject. Overall I can highly recommend all these courses provided by The Israel Bible Institute "
"At my age I couldn’t imagine going back to college until I heard the Ruach Elohim tell me to attend this school. Out of obedience I signed up for the course of studies and been tremendously bleesed. My Hebrew is getting better and my knowledge is increasing through this school. I am blessed to be a part of the school."

Rodrigo Galiza, PhD candidate

Professor and Academic Coordinator of Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament (JBNT) and Exploring the Biblical Land of Israel (EBLI), and Forum Administrator for Portuguese speakers of both courses.

A Few Words About Me

Rodrigo Galiza teaches the courses “Jewish Background of the New Testament” and “Exploring the Biblical Land of Israel” for Portuguese speaking students. He is also the administrator of the weekly online (live) Q&A for both courses and the administrator of the forum for Portuguese students of the course “Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament”. He has translated the following courses to Portuguese: Biblical Hebrew, Exploring the Land of the Bible, and Discovering the Hebrew Bible and Jewish Backgrounds. Rodrigo loves teaching things related to the bible and history of religion. His special interest is in the relationship between Jewish and Christian beliefs and the development of their religious ideas. He is currently working on his doctoral research about agents of contamination of the Sanctuary in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Church Fathers.


He holds a MDiv from the Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University (Michigan, USA) and a BA in Journalism and Theology from Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo (UNASP). He is currently a PhD student of Church History at Andrews University and has spent 1 year studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as part of his doctoral program.

Professional Experience

Rodrigo has taught Bible informally in a church setting since 1995 and has been involved in theological education in Brazil, Cuba, Israel, and United States. He also taught English as a second language for kids and young adults (9-18 years) in Brazil for 1 semester. Since 2014, he teaches courses at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.